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Addressing inequalities in charitable support for children with life threatening non cancerous conditions
from our base at Leeds Children's Hospital

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

How we make a difference

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Introducing our new Patron
Photo of British Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson

Olympic Gymnast and Commonwealth Champion Nile Wilson

ITV News cover our story

ITV's Calendar News programme covered our story recently. See their video report below.


The Millie Wright Children's Charity have been advocating for parents to be fed in hospital since being founded in 2022. They've been addressing this need via their Saturday Suppers initiative and by stocking the parent's kitchens on as many wards as possible.


The Millie Wright Children's Charity supports Sophie's Legacy in the South of England and is proud to advocate and spread the message in the North.


Ceri and Charlotte are aligned and passionate that change needs to happen for parents to access food when in hospital.

What people are saying:

"We've just come back from L50 and, honestly, we were so taken aback that people are sponsoring pizza night for parents like ourselves - going through different circumstances. It certainly cheered-up our Saturday nights whilst staying. Thank you. You are truly amazing and what you do is just wow."

From L.N.
4 September 2022



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