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"We thank you so much for what you are doing..."

When you hear this from a parent of a critically ill child, it makes it all worthwhile. This evening we received a wonderful welcome as once again we fed our families in Leeds Children's Hospital. This week's sponsor was AutoWeb, a motor industry services business based in Selby. ( Next week our sponsor will be Cortus Advisory Group, Preston.

As usual we delivered Saturday Suppers and restocked the Parent's Kitchen for the week ahead.

Pictured: Jake and Nige restock the Parent's Kitchen

If you are a parent or carer currently on Ward 50 and want us to provide any specific items in the kitchen, please ask - we are here to help you. Get ready for next week's Saturday Supper, 7pm, usual place!

Media: Providing food and snacks to parents is just one or a range of things that we do to help our families.

Media: Saturday Night Suppers - We are so proud of our sponsors

Pictured: Arrival of pizza's - sharing with our parents.

Pictured: Pizza delivery.

Pictured: The Millie Wright Children's Charity receives a warm welcome from Ward staff.

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