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Caring for a sick child in hospital is a scary and lonely experience. Being apart from family, sometimes for the first time, is extremely difficult. Your regular routine as a parent or carer feels a world away as you face extraordinary circumstances in hospital. 


You may arrive on the ward without notice, have other children who need you, be in an unfamiliar setting, haven’t brought any basic essentials, want someone to talk to.


  We are here to help.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To make life a little easier for the families of children diagnosed with rare life threatening non-cancerous  conditions who are being treated at Leeds Children’s Hospital. 

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Our 2022/23 Vision

Our vision is to start to address the inequality in charitable support accessible by families caring for children in Leeds Children's Hospital on some wards but not on others. Specifically, we want to provide practical, financial and emotional support to parents and carers via two Family Support Workers, employed by the charity. Whilst based on Ward L50 (liver and renal), these individuals will also include haematology patients with life threatening non-cancerous conditions and children with other serious conditions in clinics and on other wards.

Advocacy and support

We will help parents to ensure their child feels supported and connected to school life and friends whilst in hospital. We can inform and advocate to ensure that changing needs are recognised when reintegrated in school.

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How we make a difference

We provide practical, financial and emotional support to patients and their wider families as we recognise the huge strain and uncertainty arising from having a sick child.


By working with ward staff we can help alleviate some of the challenges of being, or supporting, a long stay in-patient.

How you can make a difference

As a charity we rely 100% on the kindness and generosity of others - individuals, groups and organisations.


There are many ways in which you can support our charity and get a sense of real satisfaction from supporting families facing challenging times.

Whether you want to fundraise, donate or support initiatives like our 'Saturday Suppers', please get in contact.

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We need your support

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