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"We think what you guys are doing is amazing. And we’re happy there is a charity supporting PICU as they are amazing!!!"    


Zac's story

Name: Zac 


Story: Zac was just five days old when diagnosed with liver failure. 


Diagnosis: Autoimmune HLH.


When Diagnosed: June 2022

Treatment and Outcome: Zac was transported from Glasgow to Leeds within a few hours and placed on the urgent transplant list.


Whilst in PICU, after investigations were carried out, it was concluded that Zac had HLH (an autoimmune disease) which was likely to be primary (genetic). This automatically suspended him from the urgent transplant list.


Zac underwent HLH treatment and luckily began to respond well, but unfortunately his liver continued to get worse. After 2 weeks it was confirmed that the HLH was in fact secondary to a viral infection. He would need a liver transplant to survive. With his HLH in remission Zac was allowed to go back on the urgent transplant list. 


He was successfully transplanted on 25 July at 5 weeks old and a tiny 3.5kg. He stayed in Leeds in PICU for a further 7 and a half weeks after transplant due to being unable to successfully come off the ventilator.  This was expected to be due to the size of his new liver.


The family were transferred back to Glasgow PICU where they stayed for a further 3 weeks, then moving to a ward before finally being discharged after 6 weeks. 


Zac has had a few hospital admissions since transplant, but is thankfully thriving.


Support in our community: Zac's mum Arlene is raising funds for The Millie Wright Children's Charity and other charities that helped their family during their stay at Leeds Children's Hospital.

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