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Co-founder of the Millie Wright Children's Charity

Hi, It's Nige here, Millie’s dad.

My day-job is in financial services and, in addition to my role in this charity, I also volunteer as an ambassador for a Leeds-based children's cancer charity.

Meeting families of seriously ill children on the wards has convinced me about the support gap we need to close. No one really understands how it feels to have a critically ill child until you are put in that position. 

Phase 1 of our development is directed at fundraising to establish a solid foundation from which to deliver our full breadth of services. Whilst we already support families on some wards, we recognise that there is much more to do.

I've experienced my own health challenges with chronic bowel disease requiring removal of my colon and experience of living with an ileostomy, which was reversed after further surgery 25 years ago. I also live with coeliac disease, a lifelong condition affecting my remaining small intestine.

It's important to me that families (as well as patients) are supported.

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